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Today’s guest is Jill McKeever. I discovered Jill shortly after I purchased my Instant Pot and was looking for creative specialties. She is a great Instant Pot chef and has a wonderful YouTube Channel called “Simple Daily Recipes.” The thing that I love about Jill is that she doesn’t take this plant-based journey thing so seriously. I mean, look….it’s serious in the sense that it is important to our health, but she doesn’t let any negativity in...and that is really great. Enjoy Lean Green DAD Radio!

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You know Dr. Alona Pulde from her debut to the world in Forks Over Knives, but did you know that she is actively working with Whole Foods Market on a global level to help bring healthy living to kids and families? Join Cory from Lean Green DAD as we discuss how Alona made her way into medicine and what keeps her and her family going strong! 

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As a clinical cardiologist, a traditional medical school does not teach you any advanced nutrition or prevention methods to help your body fight heart disease, hypertension, and overall heart health. Dr. Jami Dulaney decided to take her practice to the next level by incorporating a plant-based diet into her prescriptions! Today she practices in Florida and focuses on reversing heart disease with a simplistic approach that incorporates a whole food, plant-based diet into each patient's regimen. 

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Today our guest is Katie Sanchez from Bee Free Honee. Yes, you heard right...Bee Free Honee folks and I can tell you first hand that it tastes great! You might recognize her and her business partner Melissa from the hit show Shark Tank, where they were funded and supported by three different sharks! Today, we hear from Katie on why bees are important to our planet, how she accidentally created her special recipe and what it was like being the daughter of a bee keeper. Yes, you heard right folks. One of the owners of bee free honee has a father who was a Bee Keeper! This show is so great and I am excited to get started, so let's buzz right into it!

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Today’s guest is simply known as Swamburger. He is one part of one of my favorite musical groups, Solillaquists of Sound. With five amazing albums and touring across the globe, I discovered this group from a co-worker at one of my past jobs and now I am a huge fan. “Solilla” is a socially conscious group, whose content is centered around life-affirming, justice-oriented views held by the group. Alxandrah and Swamburger make up the MC’s for the group, poet Tonya Combs helps with the lyrics and background vocals, and worldwide DJ, composer, and producer, DiViNCi, mixes the group’s unique sound.

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Today’s episode is actually episode 100 and it’s a big one, because we have one of my favorite guests on the show. I was so excited to do this podcast and had the great honor to meet  Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle at an event with my non-profit partner Kulture City last year. Guys, Mick Foley is an awesome human being, so down to earth and just a wonderful person. I can’t say enough about how great he is. In addition to being a husband, father and immortal wrestling superstar, he also cares very much about his health. In fact, a while back he decided he needed a change and started eating better. What did he eat and how did he do it? Well, we will talk about all that, but the significance of this episode number is that the changes that he made ended up helping him lose over one hundred pounds. I’m really excited for you to hear this podcast, so let’s get right into it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the one and only, hardcore legend, WWE Hall of Fame Superstar, multi-time best-selling author, stand-up comic, spoken word performer and most of all...a dad...Mr. Mick Foley.

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Jon Sanchez is a hero, but he is in disguise. Just like Clark Kent, his disguise enables him to fit in with lots of normal men out there, but he is anything but normal. Jon’s disguise is that of a busy father of three, but he is a hero through and through. After six years of fighting fires and saving lives, Jon has seen quite a bit and helped so many people, but his most important job is being a husband to his wife and a dad to his three children. In this episode, John shares some advice that every family with young children can use including tips on CPR, two things every kid should know for the safety and a few others stories and pointers from his experience as a Firefighter with Lake County Fire Department in Central Florida.

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In this episode, Cory from Lean Green DAD gets a chance to ask Santa questions from kids around the United States on how he does what he does. This interview is safe for little ears and encourages kids to watch their sugar intake, focus on eating healthy fruits and veggies and to always enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy!

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The holiday season is almost over, but before we say goodbye to 2016, we have to make it through without feeling bloated, sick, or tired. To help you through, I have worked with my daughter to bring you five easy things you can do to keep you going strong through the holiday season. Listen in and enjoy!

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Robin Raven is an author who has brought light to a subject that is often not thought about...Santa as a vegan! When Robin saw that most pictures of Santa including him whipping his reindeer as they ride through the night, she decided to use her writing to make a change. This is what created her book "Santa's First Vegan Christmas," which has already been recognized by PETA as one of the top kid-friendly vegan books of the season. Enjoy the podcast!

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