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Our guest today is a normal everyday joe. Or is he? Carter Wheeler is husband to Jill Wheeler who runs the Wellfit Institute in Naples. He is also a father of two girls. Having suffered from weight issues in his past, Carter decided he had had enough and decided to become a triathlete. What started as a biking journey turned into three half iron man races, several sprints and over 100 lbs. of weight gone! In this episode, I talk to Carter about his journey, being a dad and how he balances his busy career in real estate, his training and being a great dad. 

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Raw Food Levi is an inspiration to kids everywhere. Fueled by an incredible set of parents who care about the food they put in their bodies, this 11-year-old young man knows what it means to eat real food. In fact, his diet is entirely comprised of raw, whole food in its purest form and he has never known anything else. With an incredibly inspiring book for other kids to follow his lead, Levi is paving the way for kids everywhere to increase health and wellness for our youth across the world!

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Tom Stroup is a true hero dad! After joining the army at the young age of 17, Tom soon became a father to his son. He made his family a priority event from a young age. He married his high school sweetheart and has continued a life of community service, fitness and overall health as a consistent part of his life. As a retired SWAT Commander of 32 years in Orange County, FL, Tom completed over 3,000 missions during his incredible career. You might recognize him from NBC's Hit Show "School Pride" in 2010 or his most recent television appearance as the coach for Nick Lashay in "Stars Earn Stripes" in 2012. In this episode, Tom talks about his new workout program you can do for free, his experiences on network television and his thoughts on how to live a healthy life!

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Jordan Woods-Robinson is an awesome dad! He also  just made his debut in AMC's extremely popular television series, The Walking Dead. Jordan plays the role of Eric, who is one of two men (Aaron is the other) in an intimate relationship on the show. While this is the first time a gay couple has been introduced on the show, the show continues grab audiences from around the globe with its strong relationships across its six seasons. In this episode, Jordan talks about his journey to the show as an actor, how he prepared for his first big scene and some inside info on his fellow cast mates!

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Jon Sanchez is a hero, but he is in disguise. Just like Clark Kent, his disguise enables him to fit in with lots of normal men out there, but he is anything but normal. Jon's disguise is that of a busy father of three, but he is a hero through and through. After six years of fighting fires and saving lives, Jon has seen quite a bit and helped so many people, but his most important job is being a husband to his wife and a dad to his three children. In this episode, John shares some advice that every family with young children can use including tips on CPR, two things every kid should know for the safety and a few others stories and pointers from his experience as a Firefighter with Lake County Fire Department in Central Florida.

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Every realtor says that the process of buying a house is one of the most stressful times in your life. With the right team on your side, your buying or selling process can a lot easier. Enter Kimberly Suedmeyer. I am proud to call Kimberly my real estate agent. I called her cell after a recommendation from one of my friends and she has been amazing ever since. Mrs. Suedmeyer had not done a podcast interview prior to our show and very rarely does public marketing as all of her work comes from referrals, so we are honored to have her on the show. If you are looking to buy or sell a house, Kimberly will provide you with some expert knowledge on how to set yourself up for success!

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Kristen Hewitt is truly a Mommy In Sports. As a sideline reporter for her hometown Miami Heat, Kristen is constantly battling the balance of late nights and early mornings. With her two young daughters, Kristen has managed to have an incredibly successful career as an on-the-court NBA reporter, television producer and writer in addition to her successful blog titled "Mommy In Sports." During this episode of Lean Green DAD Radio, Cory Warren talks with Kristen about trying one new food a week, her journey to successful IVF treatment with her daughters and how to keep a house running with a busy schedule.

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Cory Warren calls himself Real IronDAD, but how did he become vegan? Was it his wife's diagnosis of a rare bowel disease that made him do it or was it his triathlon training? Why does he not believe in medication, doctors and factory farms anymore? In this episode, Cory talks about his journey to becoming vegan...including why and how. Additionally, some great resources are shared to help anyone wanting to try this lifestyle.

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Scott Sidler is not only a handyman, he is a handyman that makes your old...like new. His #1 Amazon best-selling book, Living In The Past can show you how to do what he does, but no one knows more about restoring homes from the good 'ol days than Scott. In addition to his company, Austin Home Restorations, Scott runs The Craftsman Blog, giving tips to homeowners and wanna be handymen alike. He is a busy father of two that had the courage to leave his full time position at Walt Disney World to start his business. In this episode he shares a few tips on how to keep your historic home up to date!

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Kombucha is a pretty controversial drink. Is it healthy for you? Is it bad for you? Should you be drinking it everyday? I have to say I am not 100% sure on my stance, but there is some pretty good research out there to suggest both sides. You have to make your own decision. Personally, I love it and so do many of the folks that I idolize in the plant-based movement. However you feel about it, I am happy to present this interview with local Orlando Kombucha producer, Mark Bevilaqua, who owns Farm Boy Produce. He is a former triathlete and very knowledgable about this mysterious drink. I hope you will listen with an open mind and give it a sip!


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