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Fraser Bayley is a beast...a true Alpha male...but he has evolved over time. As the Founder and one half of the Evolving Alpha team, Fraser has learned through his multitude of life experiences that nothing comes easy. His daily routine as a vegan bodybuilder has put him in the best shape of his life and his compassion and care for others makes him a gentle Australian giant unlike any other. Listen in for some great tips on how to get the best out of YOU every single day. 


Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

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Clean Green Protein

Lean Green DAD® is proud to partner with Clean Machine® to sell Clean Green Protein™, the first product with the new plant Super Green – LENTEIN™. LENTEIN™ is an award-winning Non-GMO whole plant protein from the Lemna family that is one of the World’s Most Complete Foods – A Super Protein, Super Green and Super Omega, All in One Plant! Simply one of the most important advances in plant-based nutrition – EVER! To buy, visit www.leangreendad.com/shop and use code LEANGREEN20 for 20% off your order at checkout. 

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