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The holidays are now over and you ate too many cookies, treats and food in general. How do you get yourself back on track and make real fitness goals for yourself? How about when you are in a fitness rut and can't find the motivation you need to get up and go? So how does one find the motivation they need to work out? In this episode, Cory (from Lean Green DAD™ Radio) will talk to certified personal trainer, Andrew Noble, as he gives us three main tips to help us get back on track with our fitness goals as we start a new year. 

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As parents, when you hear the phrase "sleep training," you jump right to thinking that it means that you are supposed to let your baby cry, but it is quite the opposite. There are lots of books out there on how to help your baby sleep soundly at night, but The Cradle Coach actually helps to coach you through the process. In this episode, Rachel Fiorello, from The Cradle Coach talks toLean Green DAD™ on how she helps couples around the world obtain a wonderful night of sleep with their newborn babies and kids of all ages. If you are a new parent or a parent to young children who are not sleeping, you will not want to miss this one!

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*Safe for little ears* Every year Santa sits down with Cory from Lean Green DAD™ to talk about his plans for Christmas, how he travels around the world to spread joy every single year and also addresses non-believers. With Santa being a very busy man, he only had time for a few minutes, but in this episode you will learn his milk preference, his favorite cookies and the secret behind how Rudolph keeps his shiny red nose!

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You know from the second you hit play on Jake Minton's YouTube video from his TedX SMU talk that you are going to get something good. The story on how he got to that speech is awesome. We talked about it. More than the talk on how he got to the Tedx stage is how he lives his life everyday. How he challenges young children in the most crucial times in their lives to think "outside the box." In a world where the facts show that men still dominate women in several aspects of life, Jake offers a fresh perspective for all to consider. By using space travel as a platform, Jake expands on some of the staggering historical facts that outline a few struggles for women, but also offers a solution on how we can make it better. So what is your role as a feminist? Why does the word have such a negative connotation to it? The original meaning behind the word's creator was meant to create inclusivity and equality. What if we got back to the root of why the word was created and we all took responsibility for being mindful of feminism? We might just change the world! Enjoy the show!

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Jaimie Roberts from Power Dance and Fitness, offers her thoughts on how to stay healthy and fight against a sedentary life through dance and fitness. Her local studio in Central Florida offers members a chance to keep their brains sharp through choreography, their bodies fit through the boot-camp-style workouts and their spirit thriving through her one-of-a-kind fitness routine!

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Today we are talking to Frances Titus. Frances is the founder of Earth’s Love Tea and what she has created is going to revolutionize the way new mom’s breastfeed their babies. The show will discuss her instant tea product that helps new moms increase their milk supply by simply tearing, pairing and going! Her breastfeeding instant tea is ready to help new moms across the globe! 

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Being a dad can be really fun, especially when you work as a Blue Man with the world-famous Blue Man Group and also run a super creative company. This episode is an interview with Blue Man and owner of SOS Studio, Jordan Woods-Robinson. SOS Studio is a global network of musicians, vocalists, and engineers using state-of-the-art technology to provide custom tracks, mixing, mastering, and promotion services for independent artists around the world. With SOSstudio at their fingertips, artists can record whole albums without ever leaving home.

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Nikocado Avocado is a fruitarian with an awesome YouTube Channel. He and his boyfriend, Orlin, help to educate folks on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in their diet through their YouTube videos. Their personalities and positivity over the subject are infectious. This interview is packed with plant-based resources for you and your busy family. Enjoy!

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With over 24 million views and counting, Jared Paschall came up with a great idea to turn one of the world's catchiest dance tunes into a workout for his elementary students. In this episode we talk to Jared about how he came up with the idea, where his inspiration came from and how he is handling life as a YouTube celebrity. 

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In this episode of Real IronDAD Radio, Jenn and Cory share an update on where Jenn is just eight weeks after being out of the hospital and also an amazing book that she has uncovered that has changed her life forever!

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Cory talks with Kristin and Michael Mataluni, who are also known as the "conscious couple." During their conversation they share some funny stories, tips for keeping your marriage strong and the transition from being a couple to being responsible for little humans (your kids). You will also hear how to navigate through troubled waters when things get tough within your marriage. Thanks for listening!

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In this episode Cory talks to the oldest and officially recognized independent supporters club of Orlando City Soccer, The Ruckus! We will talk to a fan that cheers with The Ruckus every game and the incoming President of this amazing group to introduce you to what it’s like inside what they call “the wall." This group is vastly becoming the best secret weapon in Major League Soccer (MLS).

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Julie Woods Robinson has a dream! She wants to be an arts teacher and to do it she needs to have some graduate work...but she has two kids under the age of three! How is she going to do it? We will talk to Julie and her husband Jordan to find out how they communicate, work together and support each other to help make this very difficult time a little bit easier. 

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In this episode we talk to professional soccer player Christian Eissele. At 23, Christian is in his prime and an avid student of the game. With a strong faith, family ties and commitment to the game, there is no doubt that Christian’s career is headed upward! We will talk to him about some of his daily eating habits, recovery methods and favorite snacks. The biggest thing I learned from Christian and I hope you will walk away with is that we are all on a journey. That journey has many different phases. The best thing you can do on this journey that is your life is to be the best you can at each phase in hopes that it will lead you to a next phase that is bigger and better than the one before it.

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Today is the day people...you are going to do your first triathlon. Ok, so many you won’t do it today, but if you wanted to do one, you totally could...and since one of my best friends who you have heard before on the show, Natalia, just completed hers, I thought I would take a few recordings along the way to follow her on her journey...because I’m sure just like Natalia, you are curious about this triathlon thing and wondering if it is for you or not. Hopefully this episode will let you know.

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This episode will give you a solution on how to properly incentivize and educate your kids to do daily tasks around the house to help instill structure and organization within your house.

What feelings do you get when I say the words school mornings or school nights? For me, I feel anxiety, stress, and complete exhaustion! Last school year, our family was really struggling with establishing routines during these times of day. We needed something that really worked and incentivized our kids to want to work with us, and not against us. So we did some research on Pinterest and other blogs for help. What we found was that though there is a lot of information out there, nothing seemed specific enough for us to devise a plan that fit our family’s needs. So we ourselves went to the drawing board. Enter Real IronDAD Cool Coins.

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This week we are talking fitness, but not any type of fitness...smart fitness. Andrew Noble is my guest today and he is the owner of Smart Fitness, which is located just a few miles away from me in the city of Ocoee, FL. Of course if you live locally you should check him out, but I wanted to bring Andrew on the show to pick his brain about his fitness thoughts. I love talking to trained professionals about fitness, so I hope you walk away with a bit of knowledge and that Andrew motivates you to go try his gym or get out there on your own to improve your fitness...because being fit has to start with your willingness to get out there and move.

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My wife Jenn is a warrior. Soon after having a successful VBAC birth and breast feeding, she developed several infections which left her defeated. Just when things couldn't get much worse, her chronic illness, ulcerative colitis i paper from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In this episode, Jenn will share how she got where she is, what she is doing to get out of where she is and several other bits of knowledge in hopes to inspire others working through a chronic illness of their own. 

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Some of us know how to cook and it comes naturally. Others are not so lucky and when our lives depart for business or have to be away from the house for a bit, we dads must find a way to survive and cook for ourselves. With so many women telling me "I have to get home to feed my husband," it inspired me to do an episode that talks about several easy things that men can do to keep their belly's full and their wives relaxed when they are away from the home. Hope you enjoy!

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In this episode, Cory from Real IronDAD will talk with you about how to get started in a healthier lifestyle. This podcast will give you simple steps and small adjustments you can make to start your life take a healthier turn for the better. What type of rice is best? IS there a healthy cereal out there? What if you love soda and can't give it up? There are over ten tips and thoughts that Cory shares that you can take and apply to your family in addition to detailed show notes for you to take a look after you listen! 

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Jenn Warren is not only a wife, mother of three and actress...she gets to play in the big blue world of Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom each week. Jenn is an actress who helps to interpret Dory's every thought, move and voice through her talents. In this episode, Jenn talks with Cory about where she finds her daily inspiration, tapping into her emotions show after show and how the show's message can help you be a better parent to your kids!

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In this episode, Cory and Jenn highlight some of their favorite vegan, family-friendly restaurants in Orlando. Need a place that is appropriate for you to bring your young children? Want some food they will love and still stay within your vegan, plant-based lifestyle? You have to check out this short episode before you visit Orlando to find some amazing places to eat!

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In this final part of our three-part series, we do one last check in with Mike and Natalia Foote, who have been on a journey to transition their family to a 100% plant-based diet. Mike reveals his amazing blood work results and Natalia reveals her unbelievable goal that she will accomplish this year!

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Tisse Mallon is a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher and Healer. I met Tisse a few years ago when I worked for a local arts agency in town and hired her as a photographer for an event I was doing. She was very kind and I liked her a lot. I had no idea that she was actually on the tail end of struggling with her own self-journey. Now nearly ten years later, we are connected again, but this time in addition to her photography, Tisse is helping others by guiding them how to live a holistic lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, you will find out soon enough, but I was completely inspired by her story, journey and vulnerability in this episode. It gave me hope, inspiration and passion for days and I can’t wait to work with her again. Hope you enjoy!

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It is tough for kids to take their parents' advice on eating healthy. In this episode, Izzy, Cory's seven year old daughter, will talk to your kids about eating healthy and three tips that can help them do it. I have found that just like my friend Raw Food Levi (in a previous episode), that kids can often times inspire other kids to take action and try new things. This is one you will not want to miss!

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Kevin Cosmo is a high energy parent. He is that guy you see at the playground that is in great shape and able to actively play with his kids as they run around and jump and play. These moments shape him as a man and a father. What is his secret? Other than being in great shape, Kevin is a champion for eating foods that serve your body as fuel and propel you to be in the greatest shape of your life. After a young party life of eating the wrong foods and drinking every now and then, Kevin had a massive shift in his priorities after he learned that he was going to be a father for the first time. In this episode, Cory talks with Kevin about feeding our kids, eating for fuel and leading by example. 

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Nicole Oman is one of those people that you just love to be around. She is a self-proclaimed mother, healer, shaman, teacher and artist. She is a teacher of The Artist’s Way, which is a self-help book by Julia Cameron that helps assist people in gaining self-confidence by harnessing their creative talents and skills. She recently traveled across the United States in a really nice trailer with her husband and daughter as he did a triathlon in every state and she took a journey on self-healing and reflecting. I’m really excited for you to meet her as we talk about how to navigate through life when things get tough.

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Gary Beckman is my hero! He happens to be living with Crohn's and Colitis, a disease that most Americans are familiar with by either having it or by knowing someone in their circle that has it. My wife and I run a local support group for the CCFA and are happy to share this episode where we talk with Gary about his disease and how he treats it with a plant-based diet. After you hear his story, I hope that you too will take responsibility for the food that goes into your body...because with a disease like Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's, there must be a correlation between the food we eat and the disease. 

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The Foote Family has always been relatively healthy, but after reading a few books including "The China Study," "The Plant Power Way" and watching the popular documentary "Forks Over Knives," they decided that the healthiest thing for them to do was to switch to an entirely plant-based diet. Since "The Feet" are close friends, I asked them (right after I first caught wind that they were making this big transition) if I could track them on their journey. In the second part of this three-part series called "Following The Feet," we will discuss some of their favorite foods, how their friends and family react and how they eat at a restaurant when they choose to go out as a plant-based family. 

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Personal Trainer Ryan Oman is back after a wonderful episode (#11) at the beginning of 2015 to check in with you and give you a few quick tips on how to stay fit and look good for the summer. 

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A VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. After having a cesarean (also known as a c-section), your chances of being able to have a natural, vaginal birth decrease slightly but that does not mean that it is not safe. In this week's episode, Cory and Jenn open up about their VBAC experience with the birth of their youngest child and hope that if you are expecting and would like to try a VBAC, that this episode will provide some hope, action items and positive energy around this somewhat controversial subject.

**Disclaimer** Please work directly with your medical professional directly if you desire to attempt a VBAC. The views and information presented in this podcast are merely Jenn and Cory's experience and are by no means meant to be anything other than their opinions and shared experience on the subject. Thank you for listening!

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Pro Skater Hall of Famer Chuck Dinkins was one of the hottest, baddest dudes on the skateboarding scene from 1987-1993 and was inducted into the hall of fame several years ago. Today, Chuck is a father to two kids, an artist and a great human being. In this episode we talk about his awesome skating career, his transition to the responsibility of being a father and much much more!

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The Foote Family has always been relatively healthy, but after reading a few books including "The China Study," "The Plant Power Way" and watching the popular documentary "Forks Over Knives," they decided that the healthiest thing for them to do was to switch to an entirely plant-based diet. Since "The Feet" are close friends, I asked them (right after I first caught wind that they were making this big transition) if I could track them on their journey. In the first part of this three-part series called "Following The Feet," we will discuss how making the change has affected their family, what they eat and their plans for a successful transition.

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Bradley Gardner is a farmer. He has eight acres of farmland in Ocoee, FL right next to Winter Garden, where he grows amazing green beans and a few other delicious foods. He takes pride in what he does and when I met him at my local farmer's market and asked him if he would be interviewed on my podcast, he instantly agreed. A father of three and dedicated husband, Brad goes the extra mile for his family and his community by supplying the local Winter Garden Farmer's Market with some of the best produce in Central Florida. In this episode Brad shares the often silent perspective of a farmer, his take on pesticides and a few other items that I have always wanted to ask directly to a guy like him!

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Lisa Karlin has performed on the biggest stage of them all...Broadway. As a professional actress, Lisa  has made a living by performing on stages in New York and across the world as various characters. She takes her craft very seriously, which is what makes her spectacular on stage. In this episode, you will not only hear about why the arts are important to families and children everywhere, but also get an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the true life of a professional actress.

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Amy Roskelley is one of the founders of the incredibly successful website SuperHealthyKids.com. Together, Amy and her business partner and co-mom Natalie Monson have created a wonderful following. The website has over 6,000 recipes and ideas for you to make eating fruits and veggies super fun for your kids. From their weekly meal plans for parents to their super cute products to help kids enjoy eating healthy foods, these ladies and their team of healthy-minded contributors are really leading the way towards creating healthier kids in our country.

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Brooke Maroth is a Marriage and Family Counselor in the Metro Orlando area. She is an active mother of four children along side her husband of 14 years. In fact, in a previous episode, we interviewed that husband, who is also a professional baseball player/coach. Brooke is dedicated to helping others find healing and balance from life’s most difficult challenges, encouraging her clients to “Love The Life You Live.” Connect with Brooke by visiting her website at www.BrookeMaroth.com. In this episode, Cory and Jenn talk with Brooke about conscious discipline, self-control as a parent and how to handle those tough situations in your life centered around your kids as you both grow together.

Jen Rulon knows what she's talking about when it comes to working out your body! As a seven-time Ironman triathlete and USAT Level I and Crossfit Level I Coach with a Master's Degree on Exercise Science, Jen has quite the background to be more than a good coach for anyone looking to do triathlons. While her resume speaks for itself, this episode takes the time to dive into the science behind training for triathlons and how an everyday Joe can get into this sport. Jen likes to remind triathletes that strength training is just as important as your swim, bike and run.

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It’s not every day that you get to speak with a professional athlete. Especially one that nearly pitched a no-hitter game against the New York Yankees in their prime! Today’s guest is Mike Maroth. Mike’s professional baseball career spans over 28 years with six of those being in the major leagues. He was the starting pitcher for many of those games (over 100 to be exact), and after a few injuries, was forced to retire in 2011. He played many of his years with the Detroit Tigers and today he is still with the organization as a coach. He took some time out of his busy Spring Training schedule to speak to us about his time as a player in the big leagues, how he met his wife and contributor to Real IronDAD, Brooke, and how he balances his family life with a job that has him on the road many months out of the year.

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Eating out on a diet can be one of the toughest things you can do. Now, when I say the word diet, I hesitate because the word diet is so commonly used with those trying to lose weight. That is not what this episode is about. This episode of Real IronDAD Radio is about how to navigate through the social aspects of eating out when you might have a food allergy, intolerance, or some other choice you have made such as being gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or many other things that are not exactly "main stream." If you are choosing to cut fat from your diet, this episode could definitely still apply to you, but I want to make sure to let you know that it is about more than just losing weight. Cory and Jenn will walk you through vegan and vegetarian resources and give some tips on how to make it easier for you to eat out with friends and family.

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Our guest today is a normal everyday joe. Or is he? Carter Wheeler is husband to Jill Wheeler who runs the Wellfit Institute in Naples. He is also a father of two girls. Having suffered from weight issues in his past, Carter decided he had had enough and decided to become a triathlete. What started as a biking journey turned into three half iron man races, several sprints and over 100 lbs. of weight gone! In this episode, I talk to Carter about his journey, being a dad and how he balances his busy career in real estate, his training and being a great dad. 

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Raw Food Levi is an inspiration to kids everywhere. Fueled by an incredible set of parents who care about the food they put in their bodies, this 11-year-old young man knows what it means to eat real food. In fact, his diet is entirely comprised of raw, whole food in its purest form and he has never known anything else. With an incredibly inspiring book for other kids to follow his lead, Levi is paving the way for kids everywhere to increase health and wellness for our youth across the world!

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Tom Stroup is a true hero dad! After joining the army at the young age of 17, Tom soon became a father to his son. He made his family a priority event from a young age. He married his high school sweetheart and has continued a life of community service, fitness and overall health as a consistent part of his life. As a retired SWAT Commander of 32 years in Orange County, FL, Tom completed over 3,000 missions during his incredible career. You might recognize him from NBC's Hit Show "School Pride" in 2010 or his most recent television appearance as the coach for Nick Lashay in "Stars Earn Stripes" in 2012. In this episode, Tom talks about his new workout program you can do for free, his experiences on network television and his thoughts on how to live a healthy life!

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Jordan Woods-Robinson is an awesome dad! He also  just made his debut in AMC's extremely popular television series, The Walking Dead. Jordan plays the role of Eric, who is one of two men (Aaron is the other) in an intimate relationship on the show. While this is the first time a gay couple has been introduced on the show, the show continues grab audiences from around the globe with its strong relationships across its six seasons. In this episode, Jordan talks about his journey to the show as an actor, how he prepared for his first big scene and some inside info on his fellow cast mates!

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Jon Sanchez is a hero, but he is in disguise. Just like Clark Kent, his disguise enables him to fit in with lots of normal men out there, but he is anything but normal. Jon's disguise is that of a busy father of three, but he is a hero through and through. After six years of fighting fires and saving lives, Jon has seen quite a bit and helped so many people, but his most important job is being a husband to his wife and a dad to his three children. In this episode, John shares some advice that every family with young children can use including tips on CPR, two things every kid should know for the safety and a few others stories and pointers from his experience as a Firefighter with Lake County Fire Department in Central Florida.

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Every realtor says that the process of buying a house is one of the most stressful times in your life. With the right team on your side, your buying or selling process can a lot easier. Enter Kimberly Suedmeyer. I am proud to call Kimberly my real estate agent. I called her cell after a recommendation from one of my friends and she has been amazing ever since. Mrs. Suedmeyer had not done a podcast interview prior to our show and very rarely does public marketing as all of her work comes from referrals, so we are honored to have her on the show. If you are looking to buy or sell a house, Kimberly will provide you with some expert knowledge on how to set yourself up for success!

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Kristen Hewitt is truly a Mommy In Sports. As a sideline reporter for her hometown Miami Heat, Kristen is constantly battling the balance of late nights and early mornings. With her two young daughters, Kristen has managed to have an incredibly successful career as an on-the-court NBA reporter, television producer and writer in addition to her successful blog titled "Mommy In Sports." During this episode of Lean Green DAD Radio, Cory Warren talks with Kristen about trying one new food a week, her journey to successful IVF treatment with her daughters and how to keep a house running with a busy schedule.

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Cory Warren calls himself Real IronDAD, but how did he become vegan? Was it his wife's diagnosis of a rare bowel disease that made him do it or was it his triathlon training? Why does he not believe in medication, doctors and factory farms anymore? In this episode, Cory talks about his journey to becoming vegan...including why and how. Additionally, some great resources are shared to help anyone wanting to try this lifestyle.

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Scott Sidler is not only a handyman, he is a handyman that makes your old...like new. His #1 Amazon best-selling book, Living In The Past can show you how to do what he does, but no one knows more about restoring homes from the good 'ol days than Scott. In addition to his company, Austin Home Restorations, Scott runs The Craftsman Blog, giving tips to homeowners and wanna be handymen alike. He is a busy father of two that had the courage to leave his full time position at Walt Disney World to start his business. In this episode he shares a few tips on how to keep your historic home up to date!

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Kombucha is a pretty controversial drink. Is it healthy for you? Is it bad for you? Should you be drinking it everyday? I have to say I am not 100% sure on my stance, but there is some pretty good research out there to suggest both sides. You have to make your own decision. Personally, I love it and so do many of the folks that I idolize in the plant-based movement. However you feel about it, I am happy to present this interview with local Orlando Kombucha producer, Mark Bevilaqua, who owns Farm Boy Produce. He is a former triathlete and very knowledgable about this mysterious drink. I hope you will listen with an open mind and give it a sip!


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It is 2015 and you know what that means! Time to buy a gym membership that you will be motivated about for approximately two weeks and then realize that you are too busy to make it. After that you will forget to cancel the membership because you signed a contract or somehow justify that it is an allowable expense because you “might” go someday down the line when your schedule is not as busy. I have some sad news for you…you can stay in pretty good shape without having to join that expensive gym. In this episode, certified fitness trainer, Ryan Oman, will give you some tips on how to stay as healthy as possible during your busy life as a parent. He will also talk with Cory about the launch of a new series of free videos to help you get off your fanny and be a positive example for your kids!

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