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Cory Warren calls himself Real IronDAD, but how did he become vegan? Was it his wife's diagnosis of a rare bowel disease that made him do it or was it his triathlon training? Why does he not believe in medication, doctors and factory farms anymore? In this episode, Cory talks about his journey to becoming vegan...including why and how. Additionally, some great resources are shared to help anyone wanting to try this lifestyle.

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Scott Sidler is not only a handyman, he is a handyman that makes your old...like new. His #1 Amazon best-selling book, Living In The Past can show you how to do what he does, but no one knows more about restoring homes from the good 'ol days than Scott. In addition to his company, Austin Home Restorations, Scott runs The Craftsman Blog, giving tips to homeowners and wanna be handymen alike. He is a busy father of two that had the courage to leave his full time position at Walt Disney World to start his business. In this episode he shares a few tips on how to keep your historic home up to date!

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Kombucha is a pretty controversial drink. Is it healthy for you? Is it bad for you? Should you be drinking it everyday? I have to say I am not 100% sure on my stance, but there is some pretty good research out there to suggest both sides. You have to make your own decision. Personally, I love it and so do many of the folks that I idolize in the plant-based movement. However you feel about it, I am happy to present this interview with local Orlando Kombucha producer, Mark Bevilaqua, who owns Farm Boy Produce. He is a former triathlete and very knowledgable about this mysterious drink. I hope you will listen with an open mind and give it a sip!


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It is 2015 and you know what that means! Time to buy a gym membership that you will be motivated about for approximately two weeks and then realize that you are too busy to make it. After that you will forget to cancel the membership because you signed a contract or somehow justify that it is an allowable expense because you “might” go someday down the line when your schedule is not as busy. I have some sad news for you…you can stay in pretty good shape without having to join that expensive gym. In this episode, certified fitness trainer, Ryan Oman, will give you some tips on how to stay as healthy as possible during your busy life as a parent. He will also talk with Cory about the launch of a new series of free videos to help you get off your fanny and be a positive example for your kids!

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