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A VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. After having a cesarean (also known as a c-section), your chances of being able to have a natural, vaginal birth decrease slightly but that does not mean that it is not safe. In this week's episode, Cory and Jenn open up about their VBAC experience with the birth of their youngest child and hope that if you are expecting and would like to try a VBAC, that this episode will provide some hope, action items and positive energy around this somewhat controversial subject.

**Disclaimer** Please work directly with your medical professional directly if you desire to attempt a VBAC. The views and information presented in this podcast are merely Jenn and Cory's experience and are by no means meant to be anything other than their opinions and shared experience on the subject. Thank you for listening!

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Pro Skater Hall of Famer Chuck Dinkins was one of the hottest, baddest dudes on the skateboarding scene from 1987-1993 and was inducted into the hall of fame several years ago. Today, Chuck is a father to two kids, an artist and a great human being. In this episode we talk about his awesome skating career, his transition to the responsibility of being a father and much much more!

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The Foote Family has always been relatively healthy, but after reading a few books including "The China Study," "The Plant Power Way" and watching the popular documentary "Forks Over Knives," they decided that the healthiest thing for them to do was to switch to an entirely plant-based diet. Since "The Feet" are close friends, I asked them (right after I first caught wind that they were making this big transition) if I could track them on their journey. In the first part of this three-part series called "Following The Feet," we will discuss how making the change has affected their family, what they eat and their plans for a successful transition.

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Bradley Gardner is a farmer. He has eight acres of farmland in Ocoee, FL right next to Winter Garden, where he grows amazing green beans and a few other delicious foods. He takes pride in what he does and when I met him at my local farmer's market and asked him if he would be interviewed on my podcast, he instantly agreed. A father of three and dedicated husband, Brad goes the extra mile for his family and his community by supplying the local Winter Garden Farmer's Market with some of the best produce in Central Florida. In this episode Brad shares the often silent perspective of a farmer, his take on pesticides and a few other items that I have always wanted to ask directly to a guy like him!

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