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Today’s guest is Howard Jacobson. Howard, who goes by “Howie” in his plant-based circle of friends, is a researcher, coach, marketer, author and most importantly, a dad. He has a unique story that has taken him from feeling like an old man at just 35 years old to being an ultramarathoner and co-author of two of the most influential plant-based books of all time. I am really excited for you to meet him and hope you enjoy the episode!

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Today’s guest is muscle man, Robert Cheeke. If you haven’t met Robert, then you must not be a fan of building muscle on a vegan diet. He started off as a vegan bodybuilder and then transitioned to work for one of the largest vegan companies in the world and now he’s doing his own thing! He is an author of a few books...namely “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” and also “Shred It.” He’s also a speaker, activist, and all around pretty awesome guy. I had the chance to talk to him and he shared some great insight into working for a vegan supplement company, his eventual stepping away from that company to pursue his own interests and deeply invest in his whole food, plant-based lifestyle and so much more. Lots of great stuff in this episode, so thanks for tuning in.

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He is one-half of team Hoyt, an award-winning team of Father and son that run races together. Dick becomes his son's arms, legs, and power during the race.

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Andy Levitt is the Founder and CEO of one of the most innovative meal prep and meal delivery services in the United States. Purple Carrot is taking the country by storm by making eating a plant-based lifestyle easier than ever before. Listen in to get a taste of how Andy balances his busy life with four wonderful kids, a strong business relationship with Tom Brady, and his personal views on a plant-based lifestyle. 

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