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Jenn Warren is not only a wife, mother of three and actress...she gets to play in the big blue world of Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom each week. Jenn is an actress who helps to interpret Dory's every thought, move and voice through her talents. In this episode, Jenn talks with Cory about where she finds her daily inspiration, tapping into her emotions show after show and how the show's message can help you be a better parent to your kids!

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In this episode, Cory and Jenn highlight some of their favorite vegan, family-friendly restaurants in Orlando. Need a place that is appropriate for you to bring your young children? Want some food they will love and still stay within your vegan, plant-based lifestyle? You have to check out this short episode before you visit Orlando to find some amazing places to eat!

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In this final part of our three-part series, we do one last check in with Mike and Natalia Foote, who have been on a journey to transition their family to a 100% plant-based diet. Mike reveals his amazing blood work results and Natalia reveals her unbelievable goal that she will accomplish this year!

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Tisse Mallon is a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher and Healer. I met Tisse a few years ago when I worked for a local arts agency in town and hired her as a photographer for an event I was doing. She was very kind and I liked her a lot. I had no idea that she was actually on the tail end of struggling with her own self-journey. Now nearly ten years later, we are connected again, but this time in addition to her photography, Tisse is helping others by guiding them how to live a holistic lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, you will find out soon enough, but I was completely inspired by her story, journey and vulnerability in this episode. It gave me hope, inspiration and passion for days and I can’t wait to work with her again. Hope you enjoy!

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It is tough for kids to take their parents' advice on eating healthy. In this episode, Izzy, Cory's seven year old daughter, will talk to your kids about eating healthy and three tips that can help them do it. I have found that just like my friend Raw Food Levi (in a previous episode), that kids can often times inspire other kids to take action and try new things. This is one you will not want to miss!

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Kevin Cosmo is a high energy parent. He is that guy you see at the playground that is in great shape and able to actively play with his kids as they run around and jump and play. These moments shape him as a man and a father. What is his secret? Other than being in great shape, Kevin is a champion for eating foods that serve your body as fuel and propel you to be in the greatest shape of your life. After a young party life of eating the wrong foods and drinking every now and then, Kevin had a massive shift in his priorities after he learned that he was going to be a father for the first time. In this episode, Cory talks with Kevin about feeding our kids, eating for fuel and leading by example. 

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Nicole Oman is one of those people that you just love to be around. She is a self-proclaimed mother, healer, shaman, teacher and artist. She is a teacher of The Artist’s Way, which is a self-help book by Julia Cameron that helps assist people in gaining self-confidence by harnessing their creative talents and skills. She recently traveled across the United States in a really nice trailer with her husband and daughter as he did a triathlon in every state and she took a journey on self-healing and reflecting. I’m really excited for you to meet her as we talk about how to navigate through life when things get tough.

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Gary Beckman is my hero! He happens to be living with Crohn's and Colitis, a disease that most Americans are familiar with by either having it or by knowing someone in their circle that has it. My wife and I run a local support group for the CCFA and are happy to share this episode where we talk with Gary about his disease and how he treats it with a plant-based diet. After you hear his story, I hope that you too will take responsibility for the food that goes into your body...because with a disease like Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's, there must be a correlation between the food we eat and the disease. 

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The Foote Family has always been relatively healthy, but after reading a few books including "The China Study," "The Plant Power Way" and watching the popular documentary "Forks Over Knives," they decided that the healthiest thing for them to do was to switch to an entirely plant-based diet. Since "The Feet" are close friends, I asked them (right after I first caught wind that they were making this big transition) if I could track them on their journey. In the second part of this three-part series called "Following The Feet," we will discuss some of their favorite foods, how their friends and family react and how they eat at a restaurant when they choose to go out as a plant-based family. 

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Personal Trainer Ryan Oman is back after a wonderful episode (#11) at the beginning of 2015 to check in with you and give you a few quick tips on how to stay fit and look good for the summer. 

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